Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Work From home Guide

I first startedmy online job 2 years back.At that time I really had no idea what scams were,what were data entry scams,survey sites,freelance site.I knew about none of these and fell for any thing that advertised ahuge earning figure and said,"it's so easy anyone can do it".But I was always wise enough to know what to investmy money in,and never fortunately spent money on any scams.
          At times I'd be frustrated and give up looking for some online jobs.but thenslowly the transition started coming. I started to recognize scams.Whether I was up against data entry,form fiiling,data conversion,survey sites,GPT,PTC sites,Paid to surf sites,I knew more than to believe what I just saw on ads.Then I started thinking about Adsense.I started a site,and then with luck's grace came acroos a guy with immense humna resource.I htached upon a plan,to use that to gain some earning from Adsense.I shared my idea with them and they agreed.After 15 days Ihad already collected $550+ in my Google Adsense account.But it was unfortunately banned since google couldn't burden its advertisers to pay our huge network ,that huge a sum.

                Then I heard from a friend that he was doing webdesigning at GetaFreelancer.The site is really great.Great help to novice and experts alike.Slowly,I came to know the area in which I liked to work.And here I am today writing my experiences.
       Now I would categorize all the different types of Work from Home avenues and explain about each a little in my coming posts.

  •   Data Entry
  •   Form Filling
  •   Paid To Click sites
  •   Paid to fill in surveys
  •   Mystery Shoppers
  •   Get Paid to-sites
  •   Freelancing sites
  •   Paid to write
                  See you all till my next posts on "Data Entry".

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Rapidabs is one of the most helpful fitness sites I have seen in a long time.

Its quite some time now since I have started gyming.Now personally when I'm into something I must know what I'm doing,why,and how I can improve on it?I just cannot follow someone blindly.So when I had started gyming, to know more about how to build a perfect physique I had started reading health journals,talking with some of my instructors and searching online for a quality fitness site. My instructors advised me to follow their advise,eat healthy food as per the diet chart and have a good nap.But I just wasn't too satsified.So I used to come back and search online.Today I found this site called, the site has so much to teach.While I was reading a testimonial I learnt that this site was in fact talking just like a doctor.It really was giving the descrpition for the amount of the exercise that we should do.but before that knowing ourselves,what actually abs are,whether its possible for everyone to have abs and the fact that it is possible.
   While I was reading I realised that most of the time people fall for things that sound too easy, and soon enough prove to be a fake.Trying vibrator belts,sauna belts and many other things that make it sound so easy to get those six packs.But when you are reading the article on as go on,you see that you have to work hard,follow a diet,that must have all the proper nutirents.At the same time you must also follow a strict regime for the exercies as well.You should know which exercises to do and which not.Personally,its been able to answer my questions.
   I needed to know how much of what to eat.And which affects what.As I was reading I realised that my questions were being answered.I knew what to eat and what not.But I didn't know the amounts.I learnt that a perfect diet consists of 40% proteins,40% carbohydrates and 20% good fats.
  Adding to all this are of course the good design of the site, adequate pictures of people with good physique that really helps in inspiring.The posts are really helpful.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

I have my project coming up.

Its a busy schedule now.I have my project and my MT2 coming up this week.I know that the ISAS was good.But I don't want either MT or project to go just good.I am looking of rsomething more.But I ca't seem to get some time.Its too conjested attending NIIT classes 6 days a week.I don't even get time to take a look at my mother's face.Neither is family.During the last few days my grandmother was admitted in an hospital.She 's having continous bleeding and the doctors can;t seem to find the cause of this.There have been several test but none have been able to expose trhe cause.I could'nt visit her evenone day.But luckily today she's released and I was there to bring her home.I' happy.I just now need to concentrate on studies.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

.Freelancing is a good method of part-time job

The celebrations are at last over.Its again another year till we can celebrate.Any way every good thing has to come to an end. Its not long till we resume our daily activities once again.
      Even through the pujas I have been trying to get to a fixed way of income. I tried getting to paid review sites.But they rejected my blog saying it didnt meet the criteria.Blogvertise did accept my blog and have activated my account.But having a very low page rank,its quite impossible to get any campaigns from them since ,its the advertisers who decide the which bloggers will blog for them.So its kind of nothing.But I did mention about Ciao.Its a review sites.Which sells can write reviews on those products.And you get paid.Healthy too.
   But to be true.I have only started and its too soon to say anything.I'll say if you really have any talents writing,programming or even data entry,you can start freelancing.It'll take some time to get you accustomed.Since it will be 2-3 months till you get your first bid accepted,if you're not that familiar face.but eventually its good ,permannent and flexible.So I'll stick with freelancing as the only good part-time option on the net.Refer to my more recent post for details on "freelancing" and other "work from home jobs".

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Its the last day of the pujas;I watched a movie;I found something genuine

Today was my last day at the pujas.We went to see a movie which has just released.I ahad already seen many pandals and wasnt that interested to go around and see the same things twice.Anyway I did enjoy the movie.It was quite good.the name was "kidnap"The movie was athriller.The movie was quite realistic and ethical.In the sense that everyone who ahd watched it would feel,that they had witnesseed something that gave them a good feeling.
  At the same tyime I also found a site that pays for writing reviews on products.Its the only one of its type in thw world.Its Ciao.There payent structure is real good.they pay per review written and read.I have only started.Lets see where we can get to.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

I had lots of,but I missed something I really wanted to do.

The pujas have almost come to an end to-day.On one end I am really sad,for the fact that the festiviyies are getting over and it's back to normal life again.Since during these days everything in 24hrs are nothing short of tremendous.Every person has a smily face. But at the same time, waiting for the pujas to turn up next year,is again a differetn sort of fun.Its the time when people really anticipate what it is gonna be like in the next year.
    What new pujas clubs may come up next year?Who's gonna have the best pandal?WHo's gonna be the best dressed?Where will we go?With whom will we go?.That feeling of being anxious is just another fun.
   But I really would miss the Goddess.Its so great,seeing her,so well decorated.Whenevr she comes,she does bring a lot of hapiness into the people's lives.And thats what I appreciate most.But I'll always regret one thing this year,the fact I couldnt be there for the "anjali".It means praying to god while chanting encatations.We believe that this is the time when all people,commit their sins to God and ask forgiveness.Pray for the well being of their loved ones and peace for the world.I couldnt do it since,I always go with my mother,and this year my mother wast there.She had gone to work.And I really miss the days when I used to be with my family,my mother,my father(who is no longer among us).Any way bye....c ya soon..will keep posted.

Monday, October 6, 2008

It's festive mood(pujas).

Well, I am a bengali by mother tongue,a hindu by religion and an INDIAN by heart and country.For bengalis,this time of the year is the time for celebration of durga pujas.It the time when Goddess Durga descends to Earth to save all mankind from Evil.For each passing day there is a term a total,fromthe coming of Mother Durga(as called in Bengali),till the time she has achieved victory and ascends back to heavens,its a duration of ten days.
   Well today was the seventh,and in each alley,each district and every place possible temporary houses are built,called "pandals" where the Goddess is prayed.For six days till she is bid farewell on the last day.
We normally take this time to cel;ebrate to wear new clothes,to be happy,to go and worship her ,to see how each pandal has been decorated from place to place.Its the most happening time in the bengali calendar.I personally await each year for this time.its just great.And I really feel proud to be a bengali,even more  to be an INDIAN.

         However I am still searching for sites where I can just write reviews for products.
                     And to every other Indian and bengali - "Sharodiyo Shubhecha.....happy pujas"!!!